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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final "J"

Jardenette Apartment Building, designed by Richard Neutra

1. Did you an apartment building when you lived in L.A.?

2. On the application, you need to write your name and .

3. I bought vegetables at the supermarket yesterday. I bought a bunch of broccoli and a head of .

4. It takes a lot of to live and study in a new country.

5. You have to learn a new if you move to a new country.

6. I’d like a vanilla ice cream cone. It’s my favorite flavor.

7. Before I go out to dinner, I have to my clothes.

8. The of the highway is the bicycle lane.

9. What are we studying in our book right now?

10. Don’t try to open that door. The top is broken.

11. If you carefully explain why you parked there, the might lower the fine.

12. This is a very novel. I’m not sure I understand it.

13. You need to learn the of Allegiance for citizenship.

14. Paula isn’t home right now. She’ll be out of town for a week.
Can I take a ?

15. There is sometimes a traffic jam on the Bay .

16. Have you taken out the yet? It’ll be collected tomorrow morning.

17. If you have a good job, you can make a living .

18. If you need to break a concrete surface, use a hammer.

19. The birds need to be fed and their needs to be cleaned.

20. The policeman showed me his and asked for my license.

21. My gas says my car is almost out of gas. I’d better stop at the next service station.

22. Laura likes to eat fruit. She took her lunch to work today. She had a sandwich, an apple, and an .

23. When I drove into the strange town, I looked for a motel. I saw a “motor ”. Is that the same thing?

24. The Wilsons bought a house. Now, they must make payments every month.

25. A power happens when the electricity goes off in an entire neighborhood or city.


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