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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Final "Ch"

1. high school is your son going to attend?

2. I don’t know what time it is, because I don’t have a .

3. I have to light the pilot light on the stove. I need a .

4. He needs a ladder in order to the ceiling.

5. How furniture do we need to buy for our new apartment?

6. How many fish did you yesterday? Ten? You had the right bait.

7. I usually go to the when it’s hot and sunny.

8. If the jeans have a hole in them, you have to sew on a .

9. It’s dark in this room. Will someone on the light?

10. Do you have an insect bite? I hope it doesn’t too much.

11. She’s not , but she has a pretty good income.

12. Are you going to in the next parade?

13. If you feel a little stiff, it’s a good idea to .

14. Are they going to the Main Library or the new Mission ?

15. They went to the park. They sat on a and had lunch.

16. Is that of cookies done? I’m ready with another one.

17. At the hardware store, I need nuts, bolts, and a .

18. The of women's high school basketball is certain her team will win.

19. These shoes are too narrow. They my feet. I’d like to try on a wider pair.

20. That dog is very smart. It knows how to a newspaper.

21. Maria and Julia are sisters. They’re almost the same height. Maria is only one taller than Julia.

22. I usually have a light between 12:30 and 1 O’clock.

23. Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez like to sit on their front and relax.

24. You have to learn if you spend any time in France.

25. Roger is a “ potato”. He sits and watches TV whenever he can.


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