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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Initial "v" and "b". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

"The Tragedy" by Pablo Picasso, 1903

1. What would you like for breakfast? We have cereal or and eggs.

2. I think Franklin’s Department Store is the one in Centerville.

3. I’m going to for John Black. He’s more honest than Peter Smith.

4. I didn’t understand the president’s speech last night. He was .

5. You can rent a row at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park.

6. Although Mr. Parker is over seventy, he still has a lot of .

7. No one lives in the second floor apartment. Right now, It’s .

8. The prescribed medicine for my dog.

9. Taste this straw . Isn’t it juicy? Isn’t it delicious?

10. The Giants are San Francisco’s famous ball team.

11. Many different fruits and vegetables are grown in the San Joaquin .

12. Los Angeles used to be smaller than San Francisco, but now it’s a lot .

13. Jack burned his finger when he tried to some cookies.

14. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson have a large family. They have two girls and three

15. I on the slowest horse in the race and I lost twenty dollars.

16. If you want the flowers to stay fresh, put them in a with lots of water.

17. A teacher can lose her if she talks too much and too loudly.

18. I like this chicken dinner much. What kind of seasoning did you use?

19. The dancers of the San Francisco perform “The Nutcracker Suite.”

20. I took off my because it was too hot in the office yesterday.

21. He didn’t too much money at the horse race because he knew he could lose.

22. Our cat is fifteen years old and has health problems. We take her to the a lot.

23. This screwdriver is because we have used it too much.

24. If a room doesn’t have windows, it should have a for fresh air.

25. Gabriela plays the trombone in her high school’s marching .

26. If you need to move, it’s a good idea to rent a for small furniture and boxes.


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