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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Three Rules For The Pronunciation of "s"

"Perspicacity" by Rene Magritte

Rules For Pronunciation of final “s”

A. After voiceless consonants, “s” = /s/ as in “mops”
B. After voiced consonants, “s” = /z/ as in “turns”
C. After sibilant consonants, “s” is always “es” and = /Iz/ as in “washes”

1. Janet never the telephone after 7:00 PM because she needs to concentrate on
her homework.

2. When it rains, he carries an umbrella and a raincoat.

3. Valencia Street has some good . We like to go there for dinner.

4. When Jack goes on a long trip, he two suitcases.

5. This apartment has a kitchen, a dining room, and two .

6. How many do you speak? Three. Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

7. This mosquito bite . Is there something I can put on it?

8. It’s usually cheaper to eat at a cafeteria. We use when we eat there.

9. Maria up her children every day after school.

10. The San Francisco Public Library is a good place to borrow .

11. A person who how to repair computers can make a good salary.

12. The little girls like to dress up as on Halloween.

13. Paper hold sheets of paper together. I needs two boxes.

14. Echinacea and Golden Seal are good for and flu.

15. The in Hawaii are more beautiful than any in California.

16. You can buy cassette at the drugstore.

17. The President usually very well, but last night, he was boring and vague.

18. You can throw banana in the trash cans, but not paper.

19. That dog always at all the mail carriers.

20. Our students are from different countries, and they are different .

21. Ben Johnson a furniture truck. He sometimes for fourteen hours straight.

22. The bookstore on Wednesday at 7:00 pm. It reopens the following Tuesday

at 10:00 am.

23, The Express Bus at Sixteenth and Mission.

24. Mabel Wong to visit China next month and see her relatives.

25. are on sale at the jewelry store this week. They’re 10% off.


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