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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Initial "sh" and "ch"

"Woman With Chignon" by Pablo Picasso, 1901

1. The teacher hopes that the students don't on the exam.

2. She's running a temperature, and she has a . The doctor says she has the flu.

3. If you don't have a book, you must one with another student

4. Where can I buy inexpensive ? At Payless Shoe Store on Mission.

5. Mary can't come to school today, but be in school on Monday.

6. I'm going to the supermarket. I need to buy a little .

7. I know Judith very well. a student in our class.

8. They can hear the ocean. Their house is near the sea .

9. That restaurant has a good selection. There are a lot of dishes to from.

10. That student has no place to sit down. We need another .

11. Don't put your hand on that electric wire. You might get a .

12. The barber is open every day except Sunday.

13. This is too small. It doesn't fit this large bed.

14. A teacher uses to write on the blackboard.

15. You can always see one or two in San Francisco Bay.

16. The cook's helper knows how to vegetables very quickly.

17. are farm animals. They have wool. Sweaters and jackets are made from wool.

18. At that Mexican restaurant, they serve a bowl of before the meal.

19. I like to sweep the sidewalk in front of my house. That isn't too difficult.

20. Used cars are , but they're not always reliable.

21. You don’t have to worry about these car windows. They’re proof.

22. Larry is a box. He talks all the time. He never stops talking.

23. Laura gave her husband a for his birthday. He loved it.

24. The bride was late to her wedding because she forgot the address of the .

25. You can buy roses at a very nice flower on Mission Street.

26. Flora and Lisa are roommates. They each have their own room, and they the kitchen and the bathroom.

27. If you drive out of the city, you’ll see grazing in pastures.


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