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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Initial "b". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

"Little Girl in a Blue Armchair" by Mary Cassatt, 1873

1. The child got a stomachache because she ate a whole of candy.

2. The bride will throw the . Whoever catches it will be the next person married.

3. I heard the door ring. Will someone please answer it?

4. I like this job because it has a good salary and good .

5. Patricia wore a that matched her dress. Everybody said she looked great.

6. We walked for a long time in the park. We were tired, so we sat down on a .

7. The first classes at Mission Campus at 8:30 AM.

8. The picnic was canceled it was raining. We’re going to have it next weekend instead.

9. All the dogs in the neighborhood at the mail carrier.

10. You must always your seat belt when you drive a car.

11. When the water boils, you can see a lot of .

12. Downtown San Francisco has a lot of high .

13. My shirt is missing a . I have to find a matching one and sew it on.

14. If you see a in your house, don’t kill it. Gently put it outside.

15. The light in our room burned out. We need to replace it.

16. They money from the bank in order to buy the house.

17. I enjoyed the movie “Hamlet”. It’s one of the movies I’ve ever seen.

18. Have you ever to New York? Yes, I’ve there several times.

19. Strong coffee without a little sugar and cream tastes .

20. My cousin is having a party next week, and I have to buy a present for her.

21. In the oven, I like to cookies, pie, cake, and bread.

22. Manuel plays the saxophone in the school jazz .

23. The products at Lord and Lady Department Store are than the products at Super Saver, but more expensive.

24. Maria’s children were all in San Francisco at General Hospital.

25. I bought some logs at Safeway for my fireplace, but they didn’t very well.


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