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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After voiced consonants, in plural nouns, and in the 3rd person singular of verbs, and in the possessive form, the sound of “s” is /z/

"Reflection" by Rene Magritte

1. All of the on my car need tires.

2. Julia beautifully. I love to listen to her.

3. Her brother Antonio accompanies Julia. He the guitar.

4. Mrs. Davis to work in the garden. It’s her favorite way to relax.

5. When Sergio comes to school, he usually walks down Mission Street and
left at 22nd.

6. I like that waitress. She always my coffee cup.

7. It doesn’t rain much in the summer, but it a lot in the winter.

8. Doris is going to the department store. She a dress.

9. Robert always a seat for the plane one month in advance.

10. That student very tired. Maybe he studies too hard.

11. Maria always words correctly because she uses her dictionary.

12. There are a lot of good, inexpensive on Mission Street.

13. I need two of paper towels and two of film.

14. He buys a lottery ticket every week, but he never anything.

15. She English. She attends class in the evening.

16. The classroom really need to be painted.

17. It a little cold in here. Please turn up the heat.

18. The mail carrier my mail every afternoon except Sunday and holidays.

19. How many are there in November? There are thirty .

20. She has an aptitude for languages. She English easily.

21. The doctors says I should take one of these after each meal.

22. Several were damaged in the last forest fire.

23. That mechanic works very hard. She several cars each day.

24. After you finish using the , please put them back in the cabinet.

25. San Francisco has several very steep . If you like to walk, they’re good exercise.


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