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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After sibilant consonants, in plural nouns, and in the 3rd person singular of verbs, and in the possessive form, the sound of “s” is /Iz/.

"The Boating Party, 1893" by Mary Cassatt

1. There are some pretty on sale at the department store this month.

2. I like this pair of pants. It my favorite shirt.

3. He usually his clothes at the laundromat on Valencia Street.

4. Jim only TV on Sunday morning or afternoon. He only watches football

5. The workers are going on strike for higher .

6. Combs and are on sale this month. They’re 20 percent off.

7. The for on and off are on the sides of the machines.

8. Julia is a talented singer and she every day.

9. Here’s a picture of our class last semester. Do you recognize the ?

10. Before, you could only speak one language. Now, you can speak two .

11. We’ll sit down on one of the in the park, and we’ll eat lunch and
listen to the birds.

12. They need two of broccoli and three of carrots.

13. That mechanic always my car very well. I trust her to do a good job.

14. Elizabeth is in good shape because she regularly.

15. Our school is one of the best to learn English.

16. How many of strawberries do you want? I’d like three , please.

17. How often do the run on Mission Street? Every fifteen minutes.

18. Stan has trouble deciding what to eat. He always his mind.

19. Ann never a check at the bank. She usually uses an ATM machine.

20. Harry cut himself badly. He needed seven .

21. City College has several different ; for example: Mission, Chinatown, and Downtown.

22. Students in our program are different and come from many different

23. This mosquito bite . Is there something I can put on it?

24. The optometrist can give you a prescription for new .

25. Jeff several different kinds of soap to clean the kitchen.


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