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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Ed" = "t", after voiceless consonants.

1. The children at the clown. He was funny.

2. Jack for that company for many years.

3. She the present. She used beautiful wrapping paper.

4. I a very interesting documentary on TV last night.

5. The secretary several letters yesterday afternoon.

6. The mechanic my old car last week. He said I needed new brakes.

7. The baseball player the ball. His team lost the game.

8. I all of the dishes in the kitchen cabinet.

9. Mrs. Green spaghetti for dinner last night.

10. Bob an elderly lady to cross the street last night.

11. He work at six o’clock last night. After that, he went home and had dinner.

12. Before I left the house yesterday morning, I the door.

13. Did you take the bus to school yesterday? No, I didn’t. I to school yesterday.

14. He for a good used car last month, but he couldn’t find one.

15. A little dog suddenly crossed the street. I my car.

16. The president was tired because he to important people all day.

17. I at a one hour meter. I’d better feed it a quarter.

18. John over a curb and fell down. But, he only has a bruise.

19. We our car yesterday, and now it looks like new.

20. Maria up her children after school and took them home.

21. Bill on his girlfriend’s feet at the dance last night.

22. Bill’s girlfriend wasn’t angry. But, she with a different partner.

23. I’m glad I the final exam. Now, I can go to the next level.

24. I got a mosquito bite last week. It a lot, so I it.

25. After Tom got the job, he home to tell his wife the good news.


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