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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Ed" = "Id" after "t" and "d". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. They a new mayor for the city last month.

2. We Mr. and Mrs. Blue to come over to our house for dinner.

3. How long did you for the bus? I a half hour for the

4. I forgot to take out the garbage yesterday morning, but my wife me.

5. We a concert last night. The music was excellent.

6. The new employees working last Monday. They’re doing very well.

7. We to go out to lunch yesterday, but we didn’t have enough money.

8. They some new tools, so they went to the hardware store.

9. We looked at the apartment. It was very nice. We to rent it.

10. The teacher my English homework.

11. The plane at San Francisco International Airport.

12. The T.V. program started at 7:OO PM. It at 8:00 PM.

13. We program. We used a Video Cassette Recorder.

14. Mary five hundred dollars in her checking account.

15. The Browns their living room last Friday.

16. The color on these walls over time. We should paint them.

17. Your car hit mine. You should drive more carefully. You my fender.

18. They a floor sander from the tool rental on South Van Ness.

19. The nurses the doctor during my brother’s operation.

20. The teacher my son’s examination last week. He got an “A”.

21. My daughter from high school two years ago. Now, she’s in college.

22. The tour bus went to the top of a hill. The tour guide to the bridges.

23. We a lot of new flowers in our garden last spring.

24. How long did your shoes last? They only four months because I walk a lot.

25. A piece of bread on the lake a while before the duck ate it.


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