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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Ed" = "d" after voiced consonants. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Green to a new apartment last month.

2. They a change of address card to the post office.

3. P.G.and E. off the electricity in their old apartment.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Green have the same phone number. I them last night.

5. We our credit card to buy Christmas presents for our friends.

6. We two seats on the airplane. We took a trip to Los Angeles.

7. Before we left our apartment, we the kitchen.

8. After I got dressed, I my hair. Then I went downstairs and had breakfast.

9. After I out the application form, I gave it to the employer.

10. They wanted to open a new restaurant. They six thousand dollars from the bank.

11. They their new restaurant two months ago. It was successful.

12. We ourselves at the party. We danced and sang.

13. The children in the playground all afternoon.

14. They like to exercise. They in the park yesterday.

15. The thief four hundred dollars from their store.

16. We him when he said he was the son of a famous movie star.

17. We about our roof for a long time, so we finally it.

18. They how to play tennis last summer. They went to a tennis camp.

19. There was only one waitress at the restaurant. She a lot of customers.

20. I hope all of the students here today already . If not, talk to me.

21. The construction worker the visitors about the falling debris.

22. The President visited the City. He at the people from his car.

23. I all of the plants very well before I left for vacation.

24. The employer many job applicants last week.

25. My doctor a good medicine for my stomachache.


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