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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Third Form Participles from a to c. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. By the time the alarm rang, he had already .

2. These paper clips are . We need new ones. Are there any in the supply room?

3. Last night, we were by a loud noise. The fish bowl had fallen off the piano.

4. We've already to learn complex sentences.

5. Our football team was by a better team in the last game.

6. It hasn't too cold yet. It'll get cold next month.

7. I think my cut is almost healed. It hasn't for a while.

8. George had a lot of money on the horse that lost. He’s going to think twice before going to another horse race.

9. Where were you ? I was in New York.

10. The boy who delivers our newspapers was by a dog, but it wasn't serious.

11. The tree in our front lawn was down by the wind.

12. These chairs are . They need to be replaced.

13. Has the messenger any good news? Yes. Our profits are off the charts.

14. The president's speech will be on all the channels.

15. Has the new restaurant been yet? Yes, it has. In fact, it’s already opened. I went there last night. The food was excellent.

16. By the time they got home, the girl's balloon had . She cried, so they bought her another one.

17. I haven't the groceries yet. I’ve been very busy, but I’ll buy them this afternoon.

18. Has the movie been yet? No, the director is still auditioning actors.

19. They haven't any fish in that stream in a long time.

20. How long have you a student in this school?

21. Tom Smith! Is that really you? I haven’t seen you in years. How have you

22. The bank robber hasn’t been yet. The police are still looking for him.

23. I needed to go shopping at Macy’s because I hadn’t any clothes in quite a while.

24. The new San Francisco Library was in 1997.

25. Jack hasn’t in his new shoes yet. That’s why his feet hurt.


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