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Friday, July 10, 2009

Third Form Participles from t to w. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. That baseball team hasn't in a long time.

2. Have the children up yet? It's already 7:30.

3. My friend hasn't surgery yet.

4. These shoes are out. I need a new pair.

5. Have you about taking a credit class at City College?

6. The employees were that they would be paid next week.

7. Hand carpets are attractive, but very expensive.

8. I'm so exhausted, I feel out.

9. I twisted my ankle, and now it's a little .

10. I haven't my husband for forgetting my birthday.

11. Has the garbage been out yet?

12. The pay checks have been temporarily . The company
is out of money.

13. The newspapers are with string every morning.

14. She hadn't about her dog's death until she found his
toy in the yard.

15. Have you to your uncle yet? He's waiting for your reply.

16. This watch doesn't need to be . It has a battery.

17. I haven't any money from my savings yet.

18. The vegetables haven't been up for the salad yet.

19. The examination date has up on me. I'm not prepared.

20. She makes herself because she speaks clearly.

21. Please tell us a funny story, You haven’t us one in a long time.

22. The teacher enjoyed all of the compositions that the students had .

23. Roberto himself while he was trying to open an envelope.

24. I bought my husband two new shirts at the store yesterday, but he hasn’t either of them yet.

25. I hope you haven’t out the papers yet. I think I dropped my pay check in the waste basket by mistake.


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