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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Third Form Participles from c to f. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. Have you your homework yet? Yes, I did it an hour ago.

2. Jim hasn't a job that he likes yet. He’s still searching.

3. He’s had many dreams, but he’d never about the ocean before.

4. These pictures were very quickly. The artist who drew them must have a lot of skill.

5. I've already eaten my dinner, but I haven't anything yet.

6. Have you some of the third form verbs? Yes, I have. They’re very difficult to remember, especially the irregular verbs.

7. The train hasn't yet. It'll be here in a few minutes.

8. After the leaves have , the weather becomes very cold.

9. After the cards were , the neighbors began to play.

10. After the ground was , the construction workers built the foundation.

11. I was very hungry because I hadn't since breakfast.

12. Smoking in night clubs is . Smokers have to go outside
to light up.

13. 1 was afraid to fly because I had never in an airplane.

14. Jerry has tired for a while. He needs to rest.

15. By the time the army reached the town, the people had .

16. Has she what she's going to wear to the party yet?

17. He was afraid when the big guy got angry because he had never before.

18. By the time he added up the expenses, he discovered that the trip had him a lot.

19. Has she the new car yet? Yes, she drove it to work.

20. 1 haven't my cats yet, and they're very angry at me.

21. The flag was at half mast to honor the dead war hero.

22. The turkey isn’t cooked yet. It will be in about an hour.

23. The lights were left on. Someone had to turn them off.

24. Mary was to represent her class in the student council.

25. Several historical objects were at the construction site.


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