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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Initial "th". Listen and Fill the Blanks

1. We can go skating now, but the ice in the lake will in the spring.

2. She left home late. , she missed the bus.

3. They reported the to the police, but the thief hasn’t been caught yet.

4. George was hungry at lunch time. He ate a very slice of bread.

5. Mary looks than before. Did she go on a diet?

6. I often about my country. I miss my friends and relatives.

7. You can use a to attach the notice to the bulletin board.

8. When it rains hard you can sometimes see lightning and hear .

9. I didn’t have to wait long because I was the person in the line.

10. Did you go to Oakland last week? No, I didn’t go last week. I’m going next week.

11. flowers are beautiful. I like your garden very much.

12. I’m going to buy some for my daughter, but I can’t decide what.

13. jacket is good looking and it fits me. How much is it?

14. When it’s hot I feel . I like to drink water, soda, or juice.

15. They walk the downtown area until they came to the Bart station.

16. He out all his old magazines, newspapers, and love letters.

17. I hope I’m not catching a cold. I have a slight sore .

18. I have been to New York times since 1978.

19. They don’t need anyone to help them paint house.

20. They can do many home repairs by and save a lot of money.

21. I liked reading the book, It was more interesting the movie.

22. you for attention and your concentration in this class.

23. Cynthia picks up her children every day from day care. , she takes them home on the bus.

24. I didn’t know you were coming to class today. I you had an appointment.

25. If the employees work overtime, receive extra pay.

third thisthingthreetherefore

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