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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Initial "sh". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. This apartment has a large bathroom with a bathtub and a .

2. She found a lot of interesting and beautiful at the beach.

3. Your shoes will look newer if you them.

4. They keep goats and on their farm in Petaluma.

5. Are you interested in the apartment? I’ll it to you.

6. Several people live in that apartment. They the kitchen.

7. I need to buy and pillow cases for our bed. I can find them in the Linen Department.

8. “In good condition” means the same thing as “in good .” If you exercise, you’ll be in good .

9. The bay is an excellent harbour for international .

10. Please, speak normally. It’s not necessary to .

11. If the sun bothers you, you can lower the window . Or, you can sit in a different chair.

12. During the earthquake, every thing in the room will .

13. There’s no salt on the table. Please fill the salt .

14. Be careful changing that light bulb. Don’t get a .

15. He’d like to meet more people, but he’s a little . He should join a club.

16. He used to have a beard. He doesn’t have a beard now because he every day.

17. The rake and the lawn mower are in the tool in the yard.

18. The are empty so there’s plenty of room for books.

19. He can’t find shirts that fit him because his arms are too .

20. In order to dig holes in the garden we need a .

21. David and Olga don’t have time to enjoy their vacation. That’s a . They were looking forward to it.

22. If Maria visits New York, stay in her friend’s apartment.

23. Please give me your advice. I buy this hat or that one?

24. I’m not . It’s a difficult choice. They both look great on you.

25. Dorothy collects beautiful shells at the sea . She uses them to make interesting necklaces.


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