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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Initial "r". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

It usually rains in January.

1. When I buy wood at the lumber yard, I tie it on my car with a .

2. It usually in January and February.

3. To get to the supermarket, turn , walk two blocks, then turn

4. I like to eat broccoli and shrimp with steamed .

5. He needs to buy two of film for his camera.

6. We don’t have anymore envelopes. We out of them.

7. There are several apartments for on this block.

8. The stole a hundred dollars from the store, but he was caught only two hours later.

9. Do you the bus to school every day? No, I walk every other day.

10. Highway 101 is a very long . You can drive to L.A. on it.

11. These carrots aren’t cooked. They’re , and they’re delicious.

12. THe road is very rough. There are a lot of in it.

13. I didn’t receive the letter because it went to the address.

14. Six students are sitting in the third .

15. If you want a seat on the plane, you must make a one month in advance.

16. Did you write a letter to your friend? Yes, I her yesterday.

17. My father will from his job at age 65. Then, he’ll take it easy.

18. You can go fishing in that . It has a lot of big fish.

19. I a very interesting book about computer technology last month.

20. Some of the shelves in the kitchen are very high. I need a step ladder to them.

21. Movie stars are famous people. They’re also very .

22. When I left the house today, I forgot my notebook, but my wife me.

23. I got a new job last week. ? That’s great. Congratulations.

24. If you have a cold, it’s better to stay home and get a lot of .

25. There was a traffic jam yesterday. It was difficult to clear the off the highway.


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