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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Initial "l". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

Lake Tahoe

1. Please me a dollar and a half. I’ll pay you back tomorrow.

2. I have to wash three of laundry. I have a big family.

3. You should be on time for work. Try not to be .

4. You can buy plywood at the yard. They also sell tools.

5. I don’t want a blue shirt. I want a dark blue shirt.

6. You me to the supervisor’s office. I’ll follow you.

7. This plane is flying very . That’s because it’s going to land.

8. The line at the bank was very . I had to wait a long time.

9. There are a lot of ducks in the at the park.

10. You can borrow books at the public . You can’t buy books there. You can buy books in a bookstore.

11. What do you speak? I speak Spanish and a little English.

12. I pay my rent to the every month. I put a check in her mail box.

13. She is studying at the university. She wants to be a lawyer.

14. I him ten dollars yesterday. He said he will pay me back tomorrow.

15. When I leave my apartment, I always the door. I forgot my key once. The manager had to let me in.

16. Don’t your keys. Keep them together on a key ring.

17. These shoes are too . I think I need a smaller size.

18. summer, we went to Lake Tahoe for vacation. We had a great time.

19. California is the state on the West Coast.

20. How long have you in San Francisco? I have here for fourteen months.

21. The president is the of our country. We elect one every four years.

22. The on Valencia Street was closed. I had to wash my clothes at a different one.

23. The edge of the highway is a for bicycles.

24. Jose has to class fifteen minutes early every day.

25. The factory closed last January and all the workers were off.


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