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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Initial "ch". Listen and Fill the blanks.

1. That watch isn’t . It’s fairly expensive. However, next week, it’ll be on sale.

2. How many are in this room? Are there enough seats?

3. I have to what color I want to paint these walls.

4. Please remember that no gum is permitted in the lab.

5. Are you going to the bank to cash a this afternoon?

6. The teacher uses to write sentences on the black board.

7. He doesn’t have the flu. He doesn’t have a fever or .

8. I hope I have a to learn more English next year.

9. What do you usually watch when you watch the news?

10. The fans will if their team wins the game. But if their team is losing, the fans will leave the stadium early.

11. I have a cough but it’s not serious. It’s just a cold.

12. My daughter receives an allowance for doing .

13. What do you do after every Sunday? We usually go to a restaurant for lunch.

14. This is a delicious dinner. Do you have the recipe?

15. Tell me about your . Where did you grow up?

16. They have a fireplace. They should clean the every two years.

17. We’re going to record Seven in the lab today.

18. Don’t eat too fast. If you do, you might on the food.

19. What do they per hour for parking there?

20. I’m taking a computer class now. I hope I made the right .

21. At Stanley’s International Restaurant, you can eat food on Wednesday.

22. This is a nice photograph of you, but why are you frowning? I forgot to say “ ” .

23. It takes me a long time to get to class because I have to buses twice.

24. Roberto Clemente was a great baseball player. He was a both on and off the field.

25. I don’t let my cat in front of my house or all the dogs will it.


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