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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Final "th". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

Instructions: First, click on the play button and listen to the list of words. Then, listen to the sentences and type the words you hear in the blanks. After you finish all of the sentences, check your answers by clicking on the small boxes to the right of the blanks. Don't look at the answers until you fill all the blanks. Carefully make sure your spelling is the same as the answer. Change your answer if it's not the same as the answer in the box.

1. She has beautiful . She brushes them after every meal.

2. We’re going out for dinner. Would you like to go us?

3. Los Angeles is four hundred miles of San Francisco.

4. Canada is a large country of the United States.

5. Mr. and Mrs. Brown have two children. Their son is twenty years old. Their daughter is eighteen. of them are in college.

6. I just climbed the stairs from the bottom floor to the top floor. I’m out of .

7. Their son’s favorite subject is . He likes to add and subtract.

8. That diamond necklace is valuable. It’s about three thousand dollars.

9. He likes to take a every night. It makes him feel clean.

10. The Downtown Campus is at the corner of and Mission Streets.

11. He exercises. He doesn’t drink wine. He doesn’t smoke. He’s in good .

12. What is the of this hallway? It’s twenty feet long.

13. She is using pretty blue to make curtains.

14. What is the of that window? It’s four feet wide.

15. David is going to celebrate his fortieth day tomorrow.

16. The that leads to their front door is made of brick.

17. There is a in the house and it is eating our curtains.

18. I had to go to the dentist because I had a cavity in one

19. Maria goes to church. She has a strong in God.

20. Their small company grew a lot in two years. Its rapid surprised everyone.

21. Dolores was very sad for a long time after the of her aunt.

22. You’ll find the appliances on the floor. The elevator is over there.

23. Tell me the . Where were you when the robbery happened?

24. I live an elderly couple. So, it’s very quiet in my apartment.

25. Jim’s hands are rough because he works as a carpenter. John’s hands are because he works as a teacher.



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