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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final /t/. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. He several new shirts yesterday. They were on sale.

2. It’s very cold in this room. Would you turn on the ?

3. You can catch a fish if you have the right .

4. Try to come to school on time. Try not to be . Also, try to come every day.

5. After it rains, the streets are very .

6. Bob didn’t pass the exam. That’s why he was very . But, he’ll do better next time.

7. John cut himself with the knife. For a while, it really .

8. What do you live in? I live in California.

9. There are a lot of people at the bank. You’ll have to a long time.

10. This is my friend. We met in English class. He’s my .

11. How many letters did you yesterday?

12. How does your brother feel today? He feels .

13. A train that carries products, not people, is called a train.

14. He’s going to the department store. He’s going to buy a new .

15. John and Mary went to that restaurant on their first twenty years ago.

16. Julia’s plane will arrive tonight at 8:30 at forty-eight.

17. Could you tell me how to to Mission Street from here?

18. The baseball player the ball very hard. It was a home run.

19. Sometimes, I to wash the dishes. But, I have to wash them when they’re dirty.

20. I an email to my friend in New York. She received it the same day.

21. I several nice people at the party. We exchanged phone numbers.

22. Number 81 will arrive in New York at noon tomorrow.

23. Mario has a sail . He goes sailing every weekend.

24. Please bring your book to class every day. The pages should be eight and a half by eleven inches.

25. Maria’s brother Alex is very tall. But her other brother, Paul, is very .


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