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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final /r/. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. In San Francisco, it rains a lot in the winter, but snow storms are very .

2. I have an old . It doesn’t run very well. I’ll sell it to you cheap.

3. It was cloudy yesterday, but today it’s starting to up.

4. I want a new of shoes and a new of socks.

5. This is uncomfortable. I would rather sit down on that sofa.

6. He exercises every day. That’s good. He takes of himself.

7. It’s stuffy in this room. We need more fresh . Please open some windows.

8. Don’t drink too much . It’ll make you fat.

9. What size dress do you ? I wear size ten.

10. There was a on Guerrero Street. Fortunately, they put it out.

11. The company didn’t any new workers last month.

12. Please speak louder. I’m a little deaf in my right .

13. That movie is an excellent performer. I have seen several of her movies.

14. There will be or five new students in this class next week.

15. I have lived in California more than one .

16. He didn’t to speak to his employer about the working conditions.

17. You only have to pay the bus once. The bus driver will give you a transfer.

18. How do you live from Mission Campus? Fortunately, I only live about three blocks away.

19. I’m not if I will attend this school next semester or not.

20. Could you repeat that? I didn’t you very well the first time.

21. I live Mission Street. This school is very convenient for me.

22. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were upset because on their trip to Los Angeles, they got a flat .

23. An acrobat at the circus can walk on a very high .

24. Mabel attends church every Sunday. She also sings in the church .

25. I didn’t recognize Alice at the nightclub because she has different color .


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