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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final /m/. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. What is your favorite ? I like to play ping pong.

2. Judith is my roommate. We live in the apartment.

3. Please, write your , address, and phone number on the application form.

4. There’s a lot of in New York. They need good policemen.

5. Bob and Jack over to our house last week.

6. That’s a good photograph. Let’s it and hang it on the wall.

7. A is a small fruit. It looks like a lemon, but it’s green.

8. Do you like these shoes? Would you like to try on?

9. He said he felt sick, but he didn’t sick. He looked okay to me.

10. A is ten cents. A quarter is twenty-five cents.

11. He is going on vacation. He’s going to a mountain.

12. There will be a tomorrow. It’s going to rain very hard.

13. I’m going to see an exhibit at the new art downtown.

14. Can you tell me what it is? It’s four thirty.

15. I would like one pint of ice . It’s my dessert.

16. The Giants are a very good baseball . They win a lot of .

17. Did you see the new ? Yes, it was an excellent movie. I want to see it again when it comes out in video.

18. When you begin to in English, it means you’re really learning.

19. After he filled out the registration , he handed it to the teacher.

20. Maria is in very good condition because she works out at the every day.

21. I sometimes like to vegetables. I use boiling water.

22. You can pick up your suitcases at the Baggage Area.

23. What time do you get from work every day? Around 6:00 PM.

24. I heard that Henry didn’t pass his exam. What a ! He studied a long time.

25. Are you from Mexico? No, not. from Guatemala.


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