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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final "g". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

"A Woman Reading in the Garden" by Mary Cassatt, 1880

1. How much is this dress? The price will tell you how much it is.

2. Is this your ? Yes, my check book and my wallet are inside.

3. You can this appliance into the outlet on that wall.

4. This apartment is unfurnished. There’s nothing on the floor. You will need your own .

5. He doesn’t have any hair on his head. He’s going to buy a .

6. Sometimes, there is a lot of in San Francisco. Then, you can’t see across the bay.

7. If you need a prescription , you can buy it at a pharmacy.

8. Don’t put food in your sink. It will the drain.

9. The American is red, white, and blue.

10. There are different ways to cook an . You can make it soft boiled, hard boiled, or scrambled.

11. It’s cold in this living room. Please, put another on the fire.

12. If you have cockroaches in your apartment, you need to buy a can of spray.

13. This table is broken. The other three are okay.

14. Do you have an old ? I want to clean this paint brush.

15. This class is very , but that one is small.

16. Bob and Linda like to exercise. They in the park every day.

17. I gave my daughter a big when she graduated from high school.

18. while driving can cause an accident. You should go to the side of the road and take a nap.

19. Last week, Tom a hole in his back yard to plant a tree.

20. That box is too heavy to lift. So, it across the floor to the front of the room.

21. Meat from the includes pork and bacon.

22. The Wilson family has two pets, Mully the and Felix the cat.

23. You can use small in order to start a camp fire.

24. A is a very large ceramic bottle.

25. They are going to a trench and put in a new drain.

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