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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final "d". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

"The Visit (Two Sisters)" Pablo Picasso, 1902

1. My daughter is six and a half. She’s in the first in school.

2. After I received my pay check, I all of my bills.

3. you like some more tea? Yes, I . Thank you.

4. They went to the circus last weekend. They a good time.

5. If you have a cold, you stay home and take care of yourself.

6. This chicken is very . Could you please give me the recipe?

7. I have to the baby. She’s crying because she’s very hungry.

8. This watch was in Taiwan. It’s excellent quality.

9. The workers were off last month. Now, they’re getting unemployment benefits.

10. He goes to early every night and gets up early every morning.

11. What did the employer say? He I got the job. I’ll start on Monday.

12. Yesterday, he was , but today he’s happy. He probably has a new girlfriend.

13. Drive slowly. If you , you’ll get a ticket. Speeding tickets are expensive.

14. What’s the area for San Francisco? It’s 415. What’s your zip code? It’s 94110.

15. Put that in a pot, and with good soil, a flower will grow.

16. I don’t like to go to horror movies. They make me .

17. I’m going to the store. I need a loaf of bread and a of lettuce.

18. Where did you the car keys? I can’t find them anywhere.

19. Are you having a good time in Miami? No, I’m not. It’s very here.

20. The directions to the party are complicated. I’ll drive slowly and you follow me. I’ll you there.

21. I like to good books. I a very interesting book last month.

22. I would like to buy some batteries for my tape recorder. How many do you ?

23. When Juan was a young man, he run four miles a day.

24. The concert was very popular. All the tickets were in an hour.

25. Steve’s car is new, but his brother’s car is very .


1 comment:

  1. Teacher,the number 20,you said lead,but in the check box I found guide.

    Nicolas A.Guevara


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