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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Initial "l" and "r". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. The conductor is the orchestra. They’re playing a symphony.

2. When you go to a job interview, make sure you’re not .

3. Please, put everything away and turn off the before you close the store.

4. There are too many in the ground. It’s difficult for plants to grow there.

5. Tom me his English book. I have to return it to him tomorrow.

6. Every day, we write our initials on the class .

7. What’s with this computer? The screen is frozen. I can’t do anything.

8. The students are a story about Susan B. Anthony, a famous woman in American history.

9. All of her life, Susan B. Anthony fought very hard for women’s .

10. A professional tennis player must have a very strong .

11. I’m looking for a telephone company that has a good for long distance calls.

12. I like this apartment very much and the location is convenient. How much is the ?

13. After he leaves his house in the morning, he always the door.

14. It takes a time to go from San Francisco to New York by car.

15. I like to eat salads because vegetables have a lot of healthy vitamins.

16. The mountain are narrow and have a lot of curves.

17. All newcomers to this country should understand immigration .

18. There is a coffee left in the pot. Do you want a small cup?

19. How many of laundry can I wash with this box of detergent?

20. What’s black and white and red all over? Do you know the answer to this ?

21. Appliances at this store are expensive than the other store.

22. Henry is busy Monday and Tuesday, but he can attend the of the week.

23. Which are you sitting in? I’m sitting in six.

24. The airplane flies when it’s landing or taking off.

25. Parents must teach their children what’s right and what’s .

26. Highway 5 is the est road in California.

a. roadse. listi. lawm. longq. locksu. little
b. loadsf. wristj. rawn. wrongr. rocksv. riddle
c. lightsg. lentk. leadingo. lates. loww. less
d. rightsh. rentl. readingp. ratet. rowx. rest

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