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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Initial "y". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. Tom is a lot today. He must be tired.

2. I'm going to buy some dairy products: milk, butter, cheese, and .

3. I exercise after work. After I exercise, I take a shower.

4. What is older sister's name? Does she live in San Francisco?

5. Potatoes and are root vegetables. They taste delicious.

6. Do you think is the right color for these walls? I'm not sure.

7. Some recipes ask you to separate eggs into and whites.

8. Why are the neighbors always at each other? They must not be happy.

9. My daughter will graduate from the next year.

10. Can I borrow your ? I need to measure this table.

11. is a healthy kind of exercise. It's good for
stretching, breathing, and relaxation.

12. I hope you will enjoy at the birthday party.

13. is a special thread that is made from cotton or wool.

14. Mario spent his in a little town in El Salvador.

15. The baby is six months old. She's the person in our family.

16. Brownsville's schools aren't as good as they to be.

17. I wasn't in school so I need a copy of the lesson.

18. Has Robert worn his new suit ? Yes, he wore it on Thursday.

19. In your opinion, is English more than Latin? I think so.

20. The Bakers don't want to go on a trip to because they went there last year.

21. Maria works as a nurse at General Hospital. She’s a member of the nurse’s .

22. If you continue to attend classes at Mission Campus, learn a lot of English.

23. Mr. and Mrs. Blue grow flowers and vegetables in their back .

24. Jeff said, “I love , Doris. I think we’ll be very happy together. Will marry me?”

25. Doris thought about Jeff’s proposal for a while. Then, finally, she said, “ " .

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