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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Initial "v". Listen and Fill the Blanks

1. Who will they for in the next election?

2. If your dog or cat is sick, you need to take it to the ,

3. Multi- pills are good for your health. Take two every day.

4. Put the flowers in that and add plenty of water.

5. My friends are going on . They will be away the month of July.

6. You can apply for a driver's license at the Department of Motor .

7. The house on the corner is . Nobody lives there.

8. This bus transfer is for up to three hours. After that,
you can't use it.

9. His favorite is broccoli. He eats it three times a week.

10. We have a very nice of the city from our third floor apartment.

11. Mary has been a professional for three years. She plays in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

12. My breath isn't stopped by my tongue, teeth, or lips when I make a sound.

13. Could you please turn up the ? I can't hear the T.V.

14. I love to listen to her sing. She has a beautiful .

15. We are going to Sacramento for our vacation. We're going to relatives there.

16. He is near sighted, so he wears glasses to correct his .

17. A is a long, low piece of land between hills or mountains.

18. Our grandmother's jewelry is very . We keep it in a safe deposit box.

19. If you want to clean the carpet, you should use a cleaner.

20. A full business suit includes trousers, coat, and a .

21. On November 11, we remember each who served during war time.

22. Steven used to drive a truck. Now, he drives a for a clothing store.

23. sell jewelry and souvenirs to tourists downtown.

24. After “can”, “should”, “might”, “will”, and “must”, use the base form of the .

25. If you drive across this country, you’ll see how it is.

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  1. This is quite sensitive and thinking way of teaching the learners who want knowledge of English ,this is best way to go... with beginners...Expats


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