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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Third Form Participles from r to s. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. The letters were first class last week. You should have received yours.

2. A policeman was during an arrest yesterday.

3. How many good movies have you recently?

4. The apartment is for rent. It's being right now.

5. The students had just down when the teacher entered.

6. Have you ever in a marathon? It's a long race.

7. Several employees are being for the new position.

8. They were quite after the crash.

9. Has Jack his old car yet? Not yet, but I saw his ad.

10. Have you ever on a giant slide before? It's scary.

11. It’s been very rainy. The sun hasn't in a while.

12. I haven't to my friends in New York for a long time.

13. Your sweater has because I put it in the dryer.

14. He made a good impression because he had his shoes.

15. After she had so beautifully, the audience applauded.

16. During World War II, many ships were in the Atlantic.

17. The gas needs to be off before they fix the heater.

18. I was tired because I hadn't well the night before.

19. The food was brought after the tables had been .

20. I called on him in class because he hadn't anything for a while.

21, I tried to buy the popular magazine, but the store had out of them.

22. I haven’t out the pay checks yet, but I will this afternoon.

23. Maria hasn’t me her new apartment yet, but she likes it very much.

24. The performer hasn’t my favorite song yet. I’m still waiting.

25. Our cats have on the sofa since 12 o’clock last night.


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