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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Initial "l" and "r". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. The conductor is the orchestra. They’re playing a symphony.

2. When you go to a job interview, make sure you’re not .

3. Please, put everything away and turn off the before you close the store.

4. There are too many in the ground. It’s difficult for plants to grow there.

5. Tom me his English book. I have to return it to him tomorrow.

6. Every day, we write our initials on the class .

7. What’s with this computer? The screen is frozen. I can’t do anything.

8. The students are a story about Susan B. Anthony, a famous woman in American history.

9. All of her life, Susan B. Anthony fought very hard for women’s .

10. A professional tennis player must have a very strong .

11. I’m looking for a telephone company that has a good for long distance calls.

12. I like this apartment very much and the location is convenient. How much is the ?

13. After he leaves his house in the morning, he always the door.

14. It takes a time to go from San Francisco to New York by car.

15. I like to eat salads because vegetables have a lot of healthy vitamins.

16. The mountain are narrow and have a lot of curves.

17. All newcomers to this country should understand immigration .

18. There is a coffee left in the pot. Do you want a small cup?

19. How many of laundry can I wash with this box of detergent?

20. What’s black and white and red all over? Do you know the answer to this ?

21. Appliances at this store are expensive than the other store.

22. Henry is busy Monday and Tuesday, but he can attend the of the week.

23. Which are you sitting in? I’m sitting in six.

24. The airplane flies when it’s landing or taking off.

25. Parents must teach their children what’s right and what’s .

26. Highway 5 is the est road in California.

a. roadse. listi. lawm. longq. locksu. little
b. loadsf. wristj. rawn. wrongr. rocksv. riddle
c. lightsg. lentk. leadingo. lates. loww. less
d. rightsh. rentl. readingp. ratet. rowx. rest

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Initial "r". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

It usually rains in January.

1. When I buy wood at the lumber yard, I tie it on my car with a .

2. It usually in January and February.

3. To get to the supermarket, turn , walk two blocks, then turn

4. I like to eat broccoli and shrimp with steamed .

5. He needs to buy two of film for his camera.

6. We don’t have anymore envelopes. We out of them.

7. There are several apartments for on this block.

8. The stole a hundred dollars from the store, but he was caught only two hours later.

9. Do you the bus to school every day? No, I walk every other day.

10. Highway 101 is a very long . You can drive to L.A. on it.

11. These carrots aren’t cooked. They’re , and they’re delicious.

12. THe road is very rough. There are a lot of in it.

13. I didn’t receive the letter because it went to the address.

14. Six students are sitting in the third .

15. If you want a seat on the plane, you must make a one month in advance.

16. Did you write a letter to your friend? Yes, I her yesterday.

17. My father will from his job at age 65. Then, he’ll take it easy.

18. You can go fishing in that . It has a lot of big fish.

19. I a very interesting book about computer technology last month.

20. Some of the shelves in the kitchen are very high. I need a step ladder to them.

21. Movie stars are famous people. They’re also very .

22. When I left the house today, I forgot my notebook, but my wife me.

23. I got a new job last week. ? That’s great. Congratulations.

24. If you have a cold, it’s better to stay home and get a lot of .

25. There was a traffic jam yesterday. It was difficult to clear the off the highway.


Initial "l". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

Lake Tahoe

1. Please me a dollar and a half. I’ll pay you back tomorrow.

2. I have to wash three of laundry. I have a big family.

3. You should be on time for work. Try not to be .

4. You can buy plywood at the yard. They also sell tools.

5. I don’t want a blue shirt. I want a dark blue shirt.

6. You me to the supervisor’s office. I’ll follow you.

7. This plane is flying very . That’s because it’s going to land.

8. The line at the bank was very . I had to wait a long time.

9. There are a lot of ducks in the at the park.

10. You can borrow books at the public . You can’t buy books there. You can buy books in a bookstore.

11. What do you speak? I speak Spanish and a little English.

12. I pay my rent to the every month. I put a check in her mail box.

13. She is studying at the university. She wants to be a lawyer.

14. I him ten dollars yesterday. He said he will pay me back tomorrow.

15. When I leave my apartment, I always the door. I forgot my key once. The manager had to let me in.

16. Don’t your keys. Keep them together on a key ring.

17. These shoes are too . I think I need a smaller size.

18. summer, we went to Lake Tahoe for vacation. We had a great time.

19. California is the state on the West Coast.

20. How long have you in San Francisco? I have here for fourteen months.

21. The president is the of our country. We elect one every four years.

22. The on Valencia Street was closed. I had to wash my clothes at a different one.

23. The edge of the highway is a for bicycles.

24. Jose has to class fifteen minutes early every day.

25. The factory closed last January and all the workers were off.


Initial "j". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. The judge asked the to submit the verdict to the court.

2. He's a real because he gave his seat to the elderly person.

3. It's a good idea to keep a and write something in it every day.

4. All new employees must the union.

5. There was a terrible traffic on the Bay Bridge yesterday.

6. We celebrate our Independence Day on 4th.

7. You can buy an engagement ring at the store.

8. He is on the track team. He can run fast. He also knows how to do the broad .

9. My grandfather always gives something to the children. He's the most
person I know.

10. For exercise, we sometimes go to the and play basketball or lift weights.

11. Our daughter's wedding was a very occasion.

12. I don't like to eat food. It's not good for my health.

13. was invented in America. It's a very rhythmic and
beautiful type of music.

14. George feels when his girlfriend talks to other men.

15. Bob is the funniest person I know. He always tells funny .

16. When you write, it is better to use specific details instead of ideas.

17. When we drove across the country from New York to California, it was a long .

18. My son is thirteen years old. He goes to high school.

19. I wanted to help the man who was injured, but his told me to stop.

20. Mr. Mah, the , unlocks the building in the morning and keeps the hallways clean.

21. Spike Allen went to for six years for robbing a jewely store.

22. If you have a flat tire, you will need a to lift the car. Then, you can put on the spare.

23. I would like some ice cream, but not too much. a little.

24. My friend Doris drinks orange every day. She loves it.

25. If your baby is crying, pick her up and give her a lot of affection.


Initial "y". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. Tom is a lot today. He must be tired.

2. I'm going to buy some dairy products: milk, butter, cheese, and .

3. I exercise after work. After I exercise, I take a shower.

4. What is older sister's name? Does she live in San Francisco?

5. Potatoes and are root vegetables. They taste delicious.

6. Do you think is the right color for these walls? I'm not sure.

7. Some recipes ask you to separate eggs into and whites.

8. Why are the neighbors always at each other? They must not be happy.

9. My daughter will graduate from the next year.

10. Can I borrow your ? I need to measure this table.

11. is a healthy kind of exercise. It's good for
stretching, breathing, and relaxation.

12. I hope you will enjoy at the birthday party.

13. is a special thread that is made from cotton or wool.

14. Mario spent his in a little town in El Salvador.

15. The baby is six months old. She's the person in our family.

16. Brownsville's schools aren't as good as they to be.

17. I wasn't in school so I need a copy of the lesson.

18. Has Robert worn his new suit ? Yes, he wore it on Thursday.

19. In your opinion, is English more than Latin? I think so.

20. The Bakers don't want to go on a trip to because they went there last year.

21. Maria works as a nurse at General Hospital. She’s a member of the nurse’s .

22. If you continue to attend classes at Mission Campus, learn a lot of English.

23. Mr. and Mrs. Blue grow flowers and vegetables in their back .

24. Jeff said, “I love , Doris. I think we’ll be very happy together. Will marry me?”

25. Doris thought about Jeff’s proposal for a while. Then, finally, she said, “ " .

used toEuropeusefulyouthyourself

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Initial "ch". Listen and Fill the blanks.

1. That watch isn’t . It’s fairly expensive. However, next week, it’ll be on sale.

2. How many are in this room? Are there enough seats?

3. I have to what color I want to paint these walls.

4. Please remember that no gum is permitted in the lab.

5. Are you going to the bank to cash a this afternoon?

6. The teacher uses to write sentences on the black board.

7. He doesn’t have the flu. He doesn’t have a fever or .

8. I hope I have a to learn more English next year.

9. What do you usually watch when you watch the news?

10. The fans will if their team wins the game. But if their team is losing, the fans will leave the stadium early.

11. I have a cough but it’s not serious. It’s just a cold.

12. My daughter receives an allowance for doing .

13. What do you do after every Sunday? We usually go to a restaurant for lunch.

14. This is a delicious dinner. Do you have the recipe?

15. Tell me about your . Where did you grow up?

16. They have a fireplace. They should clean the every two years.

17. We’re going to record Seven in the lab today.

18. Don’t eat too fast. If you do, you might on the food.

19. What do they per hour for parking there?

20. I’m taking a computer class now. I hope I made the right .

21. At Stanley’s International Restaurant, you can eat food on Wednesday.

22. This is a nice photograph of you, but why are you frowning? I forgot to say “ ” .

23. It takes me a long time to get to class because I have to buses twice.

24. Roberto Clemente was a great baseball player. He was a both on and off the field.

25. I don’t let my cat in front of my house or all the dogs will it.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Initial "sh". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. This apartment has a large bathroom with a bathtub and a .

2. She found a lot of interesting and beautiful at the beach.

3. Your shoes will look newer if you them.

4. They keep goats and on their farm in Petaluma.

5. Are you interested in the apartment? I’ll it to you.

6. Several people live in that apartment. They the kitchen.

7. I need to buy and pillow cases for our bed. I can find them in the Linen Department.

8. “In good condition” means the same thing as “in good .” If you exercise, you’ll be in good .

9. The bay is an excellent harbour for international .

10. Please, speak normally. It’s not necessary to .

11. If the sun bothers you, you can lower the window . Or, you can sit in a different chair.

12. During the earthquake, every thing in the room will .

13. There’s no salt on the table. Please fill the salt .

14. Be careful changing that light bulb. Don’t get a .

15. He’d like to meet more people, but he’s a little . He should join a club.

16. He used to have a beard. He doesn’t have a beard now because he every day.

17. The rake and the lawn mower are in the tool in the yard.

18. The are empty so there’s plenty of room for books.

19. He can’t find shirts that fit him because his arms are too .

20. In order to dig holes in the garden we need a .

21. David and Olga don’t have time to enjoy their vacation. That’s a . They were looking forward to it.

22. If Maria visits New York, stay in her friend’s apartment.

23. Please give me your advice. I buy this hat or that one?

24. I’m not . It’s a difficult choice. They both look great on you.

25. Dorothy collects beautiful shells at the sea . She uses them to make interesting necklaces.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Initial "v". Listen and Fill the Blanks

1. Who will they for in the next election?

2. If your dog or cat is sick, you need to take it to the ,

3. Multi- pills are good for your health. Take two every day.

4. Put the flowers in that and add plenty of water.

5. My friends are going on . They will be away the month of July.

6. You can apply for a driver's license at the Department of Motor .

7. The house on the corner is . Nobody lives there.

8. This bus transfer is for up to three hours. After that,
you can't use it.

9. His favorite is broccoli. He eats it three times a week.

10. We have a very nice of the city from our third floor apartment.

11. Mary has been a professional for three years. She plays in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

12. My breath isn't stopped by my tongue, teeth, or lips when I make a sound.

13. Could you please turn up the ? I can't hear the T.V.

14. I love to listen to her sing. She has a beautiful .

15. We are going to Sacramento for our vacation. We're going to relatives there.

16. He is near sighted, so he wears glasses to correct his .

17. A is a long, low piece of land between hills or mountains.

18. Our grandmother's jewelry is very . We keep it in a safe deposit box.

19. If you want to clean the carpet, you should use a cleaner.

20. A full business suit includes trousers, coat, and a .

21. On November 11, we remember each who served during war time.

22. Steven used to drive a truck. Now, he drives a for a clothing store.

23. sell jewelry and souvenirs to tourists downtown.

24. After “can”, “should”, “might”, “will”, and “must”, use the base form of the .

25. If you drive across this country, you’ll see how it is.

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Initial "th". Listen and Fill the Blanks

1. We can go skating now, but the ice in the lake will in the spring.

2. She left home late. , she missed the bus.

3. They reported the to the police, but the thief hasn’t been caught yet.

4. George was hungry at lunch time. He ate a very slice of bread.

5. Mary looks than before. Did she go on a diet?

6. I often about my country. I miss my friends and relatives.

7. You can use a to attach the notice to the bulletin board.

8. When it rains hard you can sometimes see lightning and hear .

9. I didn’t have to wait long because I was the person in the line.

10. Did you go to Oakland last week? No, I didn’t go last week. I’m going next week.

11. flowers are beautiful. I like your garden very much.

12. I’m going to buy some for my daughter, but I can’t decide what.

13. jacket is good looking and it fits me. How much is it?

14. When it’s hot I feel . I like to drink water, soda, or juice.

15. They walk the downtown area until they came to the Bart station.

16. He out all his old magazines, newspapers, and love letters.

17. I hope I’m not catching a cold. I have a slight sore .

18. I have been to New York times since 1978.

19. They don’t need anyone to help them paint house.

20. They can do many home repairs by and save a lot of money.

21. I liked reading the book, It was more interesting the movie.

22. you for attention and your concentration in this class.

23. Cynthia picks up her children every day from day care. , she takes them home on the bus.

24. I didn’t know you were coming to class today. I you had an appointment.

25. If the employees work overtime, receive extra pay.

third thisthingthreetherefore

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Third Form of Regular Verbs. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. Our flight was three hours because of the storm.

2. Has that apartment been yet? Not yet. It’s still available.

3. Have you ever moving to the country? No, it wouldn’t be convenient for me.

4. David has to accept Mr.Parker’s job offer. That’s great news.

5. We were from seeing the president by a line of policemen.

6. Sandra has finally gotten her roof . It took a long time.

7. Has Steven ever his relatives in Canada? I’m not sure.

8. This is the most delicious soup I’ve ever . Who made it?

9. I lent Jack my electric drill, but he hasn’t it yet.

10. George hasn’t on River Street since 1999.

11. I’m amazed that Susan won the tennis match. She had never that
well before.

12. How long have you been in Computer Science? Since last year.

13, Haven’t you that there are many more cars on the freeway?

14. Cynthia hasn’t for Macy’s since she got married.

15. I haven’t English since I finished college six years ago.

16. This parking lot is for El Faro customers. All others will be .

17. Because of the rain, I think the school picnic has been .

18. No, it hasn’t. It has been until next Saturday.

19. We have to leave in a few minutes. Have the plants been yet?

20. By the time I got to the airport, the plane had already .

21. Paul hasn’t his sister yet to tell her about the wedding.

22. Seeing eye dogs for the blind are to ride Muni free and without leashes.

23. When the thunder started last night, we were glad because it hadn’t for three weeks.

24. I’ve been about my electricity for a while. I should pay the bill right away.

25. Ling Wong has never a cell phone before. That’s why she’s a little nervous.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Third Form Participles from t to w. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. That baseball team hasn't in a long time.

2. Have the children up yet? It's already 7:30.

3. My friend hasn't surgery yet.

4. These shoes are out. I need a new pair.

5. Have you about taking a credit class at City College?

6. The employees were that they would be paid next week.

7. Hand carpets are attractive, but very expensive.

8. I'm so exhausted, I feel out.

9. I twisted my ankle, and now it's a little .

10. I haven't my husband for forgetting my birthday.

11. Has the garbage been out yet?

12. The pay checks have been temporarily . The company
is out of money.

13. The newspapers are with string every morning.

14. She hadn't about her dog's death until she found his
toy in the yard.

15. Have you to your uncle yet? He's waiting for your reply.

16. This watch doesn't need to be . It has a battery.

17. I haven't any money from my savings yet.

18. The vegetables haven't been up for the salad yet.

19. The examination date has up on me. I'm not prepared.

20. She makes herself because she speaks clearly.

21. Please tell us a funny story, You haven’t us one in a long time.

22. The teacher enjoyed all of the compositions that the students had .

23. Roberto himself while he was trying to open an envelope.

24. I bought my husband two new shirts at the store yesterday, but he hasn’t either of them yet.

25. I hope you haven’t out the papers yet. I think I dropped my pay check in the waste basket by mistake.


Third Form Participles from s to t. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. Before they got their tickets, they had in line a long time.

2. His car stereo was . He needed to get a car alarm.

3. The boy was by a wasp when he went hiking in the woods.

4. Sometimes windows are after they've been painted.

5. Before they found a cure, the disease had every where.

6. More time has to be on rewriting compositions.

7. The criminal was paroled after he had not to break the
law again.

8. All of the corridors in the building have been .

9. My arms were tired because I hadn't in a while.

10. The last chapters in the book haven't been yet.

11. The garbage had a while before it was picked up.

12. The children like to be at the playground.

13. Has she her medicine yet? She’d better do it now.

14. This paper is . I need a new one.

15. His window was by a baseball and had to be fixed.

16. The wheel had several times before it stopped at number forty-five.

17. President Nixon was on by the angry demonstrators.

18. The car thief got caught because he had on the freeway.

19. They don't like to work a shift. It's inconvenient.

20. My shower has just a leak and needs to be fixed.

21. I haven’t my children to school yet. They have to be there by 8:30. I’d better hurry.

22. My son Jack has already his allowance for this week, and it’s only Tuesday.

23. Judy Wilson has English at City College for fifteen years.

24. I’m late to work because for the last hour, I’ve been in traffic.

25. By the time the police got to the house, the robber had the money, the car, and the CD player.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Third Form Participles from r to s. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. The letters were first class last week. You should have received yours.

2. A policeman was during an arrest yesterday.

3. How many good movies have you recently?

4. The apartment is for rent. It's being right now.

5. The students had just down when the teacher entered.

6. Have you ever in a marathon? It's a long race.

7. Several employees are being for the new position.

8. They were quite after the crash.

9. Has Jack his old car yet? Not yet, but I saw his ad.

10. Have you ever on a giant slide before? It's scary.

11. It’s been very rainy. The sun hasn't in a while.

12. I haven't to my friends in New York for a long time.

13. Your sweater has because I put it in the dryer.

14. He made a good impression because he had his shoes.

15. After she had so beautifully, the audience applauded.

16. During World War II, many ships were in the Atlantic.

17. The gas needs to be off before they fix the heater.

18. I was tired because I hadn't well the night before.

19. The food was brought after the tables had been .

20. I called on him in class because he hadn't anything for a while.

21, I tried to buy the popular magazine, but the store had out of them.

22. I haven’t out the pay checks yet, but I will this afternoon.

23. Maria hasn’t me her new apartment yet, but she likes it very much.

24. The performer hasn’t my favorite song yet. I’m still waiting.

25. Our cats have on the sofa since 12 o’clock last night.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Third Form Participles l to r. Some will be used twice. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. I haven't the new best seller yet, but I plan to.

2. I've several interesting people recently.

3. He hasn't his bicycle in a long time.

4. He hasn't his old job yet. The new one isn't certain.

5. By the time the child reached the bank, the frog had already
into the pond.

6. Has the plane yet? Not yet, but you'd better hurry.

7. I had just down for a nap when the phone rang.

8. These books have already been to another student.

9. Their restaurant has quite a lot of money.

10. The policemen were to by the suspects.

11. These stairs are dimly . We need brighter lights.

12. The bell has several times. Didn't you hear it?

13. He hadn't to hurt anyone when he played football yesterday, but a boy got a sprained wrist when he tackled him.

14. Have the tools been away yet? Not yet, but I'll do it right away.

15. He has lost several of the pencils that I him.

16. I'm not Ed Murray. I'm afraid you're .

17. He hasn't his problem yet, but he's working on it.

18. It's still dark out. The sun hasn't yet.

19. Our credit cards haven't been off yet.

20. We have several new students join the class.

21. I didn’t need to read that book again because I had already it.

22. These earphones are for listening to tapes.

23. I need to see the dentist, but I haven’t an appointment yet.

24. The child was finally found and returned to his parents.

25. By the time Robert got to the party, all of the guests had already .


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