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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final "v". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

Instructions: First, click on the play button and listen to the list of words. Then, listen to the sentences and type the words you hear in the blanks. After you finish all of the sentences, check your answers by clicking on the small boxes to the right of the blanks. Don't look at the answers until you fill all the blanks. Carefully make sure your spelling is the same as the answer. Change your answer if it's not the same as the answer in the box.

1. How many children do you ? I three children.

2. I my brother a wallet for his birthday.

3. It's a good idea to money. Deposit it in a bank. Don’t hide it under a mattress.

4. They each other very much. They're getting married in June.

5. Do you in the Mission District or in Daly City?

6. You need a green card to you are a permanent resident.

7. He begins work at nine o'clock. He finishes work at o’clock.

8. Could you please me change for a dollar? Thanks a lot.

9. Noisy neighbors live in the flat mine. I can hear them when they dance to loud music.

10. There is plenty of room on this bus. You don't have to .

11. Those gloves are very , but these are cheaper.

12. I can help you to your new apartment next week.

13. When does the next plane for New York ? At 10:00 PM.

14. When does it in New York City? At 5:00 AM.

15. How can I eat this crab? It's not even cooked. It's still .

16. The surfer finds a big and rides it on his surf board.

17. seen the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” several times, and I’ve always enjoyed it.

18. The of Tom’s shirt is torn. It needs to be mended.

19. Bees dance to tell each other how far food is from the .

20. When children , they make their parents’ lives difficult.

21. I know Mr. and Mrs. Brown very well. lived in San Francisco for many years.

22. My son wasn’t afraid at the dentist office. He was very .

23. Be careful driving the next . Slow down to 30 miles per hour.

24. Are you missing a ? I found this one on the floor of the class room.

25. A good waitress knows how to customers very well.


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