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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final "p". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

"Cosmic Composition" by Paul Klee, 1919

Instructions: First, click on the play button and listen to the list of words. Then, listen to the sentences and type the words you hear in the blanks. After you finish all of the sentences, check your answers by clicking on the small boxes to the right of the blanks. Don't look at the answers until you fill all the blanks. Carefully make sure your spelling is the same as the answer. Change your answer if it's not the same as the answer in the box.

1. I live on the bottom of the hill. She lives on the of the hill.

2. I use a recorder to record the lesson in the language lab.

3. Red and white wine are made from .

4. If you are lost in San Francisco, you need to look at a .

5. The audience didn’t very loudly after my performance. Do you think they liked my singing?

6. If you’re very tired, you should lie down and take a .

7. Carry the dishes carefully, please. Don’t them.

8. When you see the light turn red, it means you must your car.

9. If I have coffee before I go to bed, I can’t .

10. The water is shallow on one side of the pool. The water is on the other side.

11. Don’t throw away all of the magazines. I want to some of them.

12. After you pay for the dinner at the restaurant, you should give the waiter a .

13. Insurance for one person is more expensive than insurance.

14. If you carry lumber on top of your car, you need to tie it down securely.

15. Some of the hills in San Francisco are very

16. I use a wet to clean my kitchen floor.

17. Be careful. I just mopped that floor. It’s still wet. Don’t .

18. To form the letters “p” and “b”, you must use your .

19. If my coffee is too hot, I don’t drink it quickly. I it slowly.

20. You can buy clothes at Macy’s if you like the style. But, they aren’t

21. Did you find my ? It’s blue. I left it here last Friday.

22. I won’t be in school next month. I’m going on a to Canada.

23. I bought the Christmas presents, but I didn’t them yet.

24. Our tomatoes are still green. They aren’t yet. Don’t pick them.

25. I’ll dance with you if you promise me you won’t on my feet.


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