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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Final /b/. Listen and Fill the Blanks.

"Vegetable Garden with Donkey" by Joan Miro, 1918

Instructions: First, click on the play button and listen to the list of words. Then, listen to the sentences and type the words you hear in the blanks. After you finish all of the sentences, check your answers by clicking on the small boxes to the right of the blanks. Don't look at the answers until you fill all the blanks. Carefully make sure your spelling is the same as the answer. Change your answer if it's not the same as the answer in the box.

1. Did the doctor medicine for you? When are you going to the pharmacy to pick it up?

2. This bathroom has a nice and a shower.

3. They’re going to have a drink and listen to music. They’re going to a

4. I’m going to the new restaurant. I want to apply for a there.

5. Mary went to the fish market. She bought some for dinner.

6. This door is stuck. I can’t open the door.

7. It’s more expensive to take a taxi , but it’s much faster.

8. The thief couldn’t any money from my purse because I had none.

9. Golden Gate Park has a lot of birds. They live in the trees and .

10. Did you see the traffic accident yesterday? Please it to me.

11. My friend’s name is Bob. He likes corn on the .

12. We’re late. We have to be at the airport in ten minutes. Hurry up. your suitcase and let’s go.

13. If you off the wax very well, your car will be shiny.

14. My wife is going to have a baby in about three months. We need to buy a .

15. The light in the kitchen doesn’t work. We need a light .

16. You can find the ice in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator.

17. This of toothpaste is almost used up. We need to buy another one.

18. Every day, we listen to tapes in the language .

19. In the front of the middle school classroom, there’s a of the world.

20. Jack has trouble breathing because he has a pain in his .

21. The Native Americans belong to several different .

22. We listen to our tapes often in order to the grammar.

23. Look where you’re walking when you cross the street. Don’t trip on the

24. Please, don’t your brother right now. He’s studying.

25. I went to Macy’s last weekend and bought a colorful bath .


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