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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Final /f/ - Listen and Fill The Blanks

Instructions: First, click on the play button and listen to the list of words. Then, listen to the sentences and type the words you hear in the blanks. After you finish all of the sentences, check your answers by clicking on the small boxes to the right of the blanks. Don't look at the answers until you fill all the blanks. Carefully make sure your spelling is the same as the answer. Change your answer if it's not the same as the answer in the box.

1. I want to buy one quart of milk and a of bread.

2. Jack told a funny joke. He made me .

3. She needs to see a doctor. She has a sore throat, a runny nose, and a

4. They want to buy a pound and a of chicken and a a pound of shrimp.

5. If you have a cold, you should go home and rest. Take care of .

6. The tea is on the top of the kitchen cabinet.

7. You can keep your valuables in a deposit box.

8. This steak has been cooked too long. It’s too .

9. We have a new . Our cow gave birth to it last month.

10. Please turn your TV. It’s past midnight. We’re trying to sleep.

11. Bob wears a hearing aid. He’s a little in his left ear.

12. It’s winter. The tree in our back yard only has one .

13. In the country, some of the roads are very .

14. I don’t have money to buy a house. I need to save more money.

15. He doesn’t know he can come to work tomorrow. He’s still sick.

16. I can’t help you move to your new apartment tomorrow. That’s okay. I’m
sure I’ll be able to move to my new apartment by .

17. I spilled something on my shirt . I need to wash it.

18. I went to the butcher shop and bought two pounds of .

19. Do you have a ? I would like to slice this loaf of bread.

20. In the story of little red riding hood, a pretends to be the girl’s grandmother.

21. Their daughter is amazing. She’s only two years old, and already she can
dress .

22. Two years ago, a stole my wallet. Then, he tried to use one of my credit cards in a store.

23. Mr. Wong is an excellent . He can cook both Chinese and American food.

24. In the winter time, it’s a good idea to wear a to protect your neck from the cold.

25. I met your last year. She was in this class. She’s a very nice person.

shelf loaf safe cough wife
myself cuff beef knife wolf
herself thief half if laugh


  1. This is a great method, it put together pronunciation,grammar, i.e. speaking and listening.
    It is useful for advanced students too! Please more of that! Thanks and congratulations.

  2. Thank you, Vanda. I am so happy you find this material useful. Please, come and visit us again.

  3. Great exercise, thanks.
    Though I think it could be more helpful if you had the chance of listening to each word by just clicking on it. This way, when in doubt, you can go back to the word as many times as necessary till is clear the way to pronounce it.
    Thank you, teacher for this exercise.


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